Fish oil is a powerhouse supplement, promoting critical health functions in the heart, brain, joints, blood vessels, digestive and hormonal systems. Fish oil’s benefits make it important, but good quality is also critical; poor quality fish oil can smell bad, taste bad, and go rancid which make it potentially detrimental.

Purity and environmental safety were our first considerations for the Lewis Family Fish Oil supplement.

Our fish oil is encapsulated and produced via molecular distillation, which optimizes its most valuable components for maximum absorption in the body without waste. The enteric coating on our fish oil capsules prevents unpleasant fish taste and smell. This state-of-the-art encapsulation means there’s absolutely no aftertaste or “fish oil burps”!

Lewis Family Fish Oil is highly cost effective in two ways: it carries the highest amounts of active DHA and EPA per capsule than any other fish oil we’ve ever seen. By being so concentrated, fewer capsules provide more benefit! Plus we stabilize our formula with Vitamin E to prevent oxidation (which can actually cause harm in the body), so it lasts longer without spoiling.

Finally – a fish oil supplement that’s easy to trust, and so
much easier to take!
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