About Us

Drs Eric and Kristina Lewis
Our names are Eric and Kristina Lewis. We are a husband-and-wife team of naturopathic doctors in practice together in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

In our naturopathic medical private practice we have worked with patients from around the country to find balance and restore health using only natural therapies and holistic medicines.

We've been offering high-quality, professional nutritional supplements to our patients out of our office for years. We launched LewisNaturalStore.com in 2008 simply as a convenience to our existing patients so they could more easily reorder the supplements necessary for their naturopathic programs.

Over the years, however, we started getting requests from non-patients, wondering where they could get a good multivitamin, or how to know if a fish oil supplement was safe and high-quality.

We also noticed that we keep hearing the same things over and over, from our patients and non-patients alike:

  • I know I should take vitamins, but I'm just overwhelmed with all the choices and don't know which ones to take.
  • I'm so confused when I shop for supplements online--how do I know which ones are good quality and which will just be a waste of my money?
  • I have so many different supplements from so many different sources; I'm spending a fortune every month and I don't even know if they are helping me!
  • It's all just too overwhelming, so I don't even try.

We hear these and similar stories every single day. This new world has given all of us access to so much information and so many choices, that for many of us, it becomes overwhelming and paralyzing!

We've come to realize there was a need for a supplement site that helped simplify the clutter and noise, provide simple choices that were of top quality, effective, reliable, and at affordable prices.

For those of you who have better things to do with your time than spend hours and hours researching vitamins, this site is for you. If you would like more simplicity in your life, let us help you!

(If you're looking for a website with 10,000 different choices in nutritional supplements, with 573 different multivitamins, 422 different fish oil products, and 834 formulations of probiotics, then this is not the site for you. There are plenty of sites out there that offer everything under the sun; that's not our goal.)

We have felt very blessed and lucky to have watched so many people find balance and restore their health when getting on a streamlined, optimized supplement plan. We believe that everyone should have access to the highest quality nutritional supplements at an affordable cost.

Happy shopping! If you have any questions while going through this website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Yours in health,

Drs. Eric and Kristina Lewis, ND

Our Simple Philosophy

Have you ever found yourself in the health food store not knowing what you need or what to buy? Do you have 15 different supplements from various sources and don't know if they are effective or even remember why you are taking them anymore?

Shopping online or in a store for nutritional supplements can be overwhelming. Choosing between hundreds of brands of thousands of different types of herbs, vitamins, supplements, and homeopathics can make your head hurt and brain spin!

That's why we created this site with the goal of simplicity.

Simple Philosophy: At Lewis Family Natural Health, our practice embodies a philosophy of holistic, comprehensive, and natural healthcare. Our goal is to eliminate confusion and help you streamline your options toward balance and optimal health. We do this every day with our patients in a one-on-one setting, and we do this on this store site.

Simple Choices: After extensive research and patient experience, we have carefully chosen each supplement listed on this site for the best balance of professional-grade ingredients and price, continually evaluating which products work the best. We have narrowed your choices down to what we feel are the best formulas available, saving you from having to figure it all out on your own.

Simple Supplements: Help us help you keep your supplement routine simple. We hope that in narrowing your choices, you will be free to spend time on other pursuits instead of wading through so many different choices in multivitamins, fish oil supplements, or immune support formulas.

Our Products and High Quality Standards

If you've ever searched for supplements and natural products online or in a health food store, drug store, or discount warehouse, you probably noticed the hundreds of brands of thousands of different types of nutritional supplements and miracle vitamins.

The supplement industry is a very competitive industry without much regulation. There is a lot of intense marketing with unverifiable claims and quality of ingredients in many products.

Through our years in practice, we have seen time and again how much the quality of nutritional supplements can vary. It's remarkable how many times we've worked with a patient who has been taking a supplement for years, expecting a benefit they have never seen, who will then switch to one of our professional products and within a short time start to feel a difference.

Low-dose fish oil, improperly formulated probiotics, and suboptimal multivitamins don't work the way high-quality, optimal fish oil, probiotics, and multivitamins do!

Because of this discrepancy and unreliability of nutritional supplements available to the general public, we only carry professional-grade, top-quality botanicals, nutritional supplements, vitamins and homeopathics both online and in our naturopathic medical office in Asheville, North Carolina.

We need to know that we can trust the supplements we recommend to our patients and customers!

In choosing which products to stock in our natural store, we use the following criteria:

  • The company must be familiar with the scientific literature and base its formulations on available scientific research.
  • The company must use third-party independent testing on its products to ensure the accuracy and purity of the ingredients and active medicinal constituents.
  • The company must have a good industry reputation with a proven track record and be known for producing consistently high quality products.
  • Herbal product companies must have consistent quality and potency of their botanicals, they must use organic or sustainably wild crafted plants, and they ethically should refrain from using plants on the endangered species list.
  • The products must be ones that we have seen to be effective in practice, not just in theory. If a product we carry does not produce the desired results in our patients, then we no longer recommend or carry the product. This feedback practice has allowed us to find the products that we can consistently rely on for quality and potency of healing action.

Please Note: Many of the products we carry are not available to the general public through this website. Many of these companies provide professional formulas that are only available through select licensed health care professionals and are only available to patients of our naturopathic office.

We have also restricted other products that we feel should not be used without direct supervision by a healthcare professional that the company does not require us to restrict but in our personal opinion are not meant to be used for self diagnoses and treatment.

For this reason, we have created a special "Patient-Only" section for our current patients so that they can access these restricted supplements as recommended by our office.

For more information on how to access this section, or if you would like more information about becoming a patient, please contact us.

Features and Benefits of Lewis Natural Store

  • Great Products: We carry professional-grade nutritional supplements, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, all natural skin care, and top-quality botanicals.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Every supplement and natural product on this site has been personally chosen by our naturopathic doctors based on strict criteria. Our goal is to bring the best of the best into one place using our simple philosophy to help you save time and money.
  • Small family-owned business with personalized, friendly customer service: All packages are assembled and mailed from our North Carolina office. No outsourcing to a distant warehouse.
  • Convenient shipping or in-store pickup options: If you live locally, we even offer 24-7 pickup options from our Asheville office.
  • Free Shipping: Qualifying orders over $149 ship FREE! (Some exclusions apply)
  • Safe and Secure Ordering: We follow all industry standards in keeping your information private and secure.