Quite simply, this is the best probiotic we have ever seen.

The Lewis Family Probiotic contains 25 billion living organisms per capsule (that’s almost 4 times the Earth’s population in every dose!), with a wonderful diversity of the most important strains of beneficial probiotic organisms. Read the labels of other products: no other probiotic comes close in quantity and quality!

We’ve chosen a stable, sturdy capsule delivery system which ensures our probiotic does not break down too soon in the digestive tract, but instead is delivered viably to the correct part of your digestive system. This same sturdy configuration means it also stores well in your fridge.

Probiotic supplements promote proper digestion and are vital to supporting the body’s immune system; after all, the digestive system is where our body rids itself of toxins and pathogenic microbes. 70% of our immune cells live here!

As with all our Lewis Family supplements, we chose our probiotic for its outstanding effectiveness, quality, and value. Many companies might have probiotics as part of their supplement line; our manufacturer specializes in probiotics and makes this product to exacting standards. Third-party research verifies what’s on the label is what’s actually in the capsule.

Of all the supplements in the marketplace, probiotics have the biggest quality gap between commercial grade and professional, physician-grade. Medical-grade probiotics really do differ significantly in quality; many commercial products can’t even meet their label claims.

The bottom line: the benefit other probiotics promote is the actual benefit you get with the Lewis Family Probiotic. It’s so effective we take it ourselves, and give the child version to our daughter.

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