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Lewis Family Glutathione (60 capsules)

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Glutathione is considered by many to be the body’s most important antioxidant. It is found all throughout the body, in our tissues, organs, and the energy-producing mitochondria.

It plays critical roles in protecting the body from oxidative stress, maintaining cellular functions, and supporting healthy immune function.

Many factors in our lives deplete our body’s glutathione, leading to a cycle of oxidative stress and cellular damage. Stress, genetics, environmental pollution, poor food choices, and disease can all impact our body’s need for glutathione.

The problem with most glutathione supplements is that they either smell awful (due to the sulphur component!) or they are oxidized and rendered useless by the body by the time they go through the digestive system.

The unique formulation of Lewis Family Glutathione overcomes these normal limitations by using the S-acetylglutathione form. This form does not smell or taste badly, it is well documented in the literature to get through the intestinal wall and into the body still intact.

The S-acetylglutathione form has also been shown to effectively cross the membrane of the mitochondria, leading to improved mitochondrial health which is believed to support overall health and energy!

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