The Lewis Family Digestive and Immune Support supplement is a truly unique product. This fantastic formula provides vital support for both digestive and immune systems in a convenient, tasty, and easy-to-mix powder. This powerhouse supplement comes in a peach flavor, sweetened with monkfruit (NO SUGAR!)… safe for children but effective for adults.

We have observed that a healthy digestive system and healthy immune system go hand in hand. In fact, 70% of our immune system cells are located in the lining of your digestive tract! Having a healthy gut is essential to healthy immune function – and it’s important to support them both!

A healthy operating digestive and immune system neutralizes toxins and pathogens. The Lewis Family Digestive and Immune Support supplement contains strong immune proteins as well as the amino acid L-Glutamine to support these essential functions while enhancing overall health. Taken with the Lewis Family Probiotic, it supports nutrient absorption and toxin removal, helping the body to rid itself of pathogenic microbes and keeping beneficial gut flora healthy.

An old naturopathic saying is, “When in doubt, start with the gut.” And the Lewis Family Digestive and Immune Support does just that… supporting wellness to improve your health.

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